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Anarkali Dresses

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Anarkali Dresses 2016 Available In Both Pakistani And Indian Styles

In Pakistan and India, the Anarkali Dresses 2016 are very much famed in past and present as well. These suits are liked by ladies of all ages. New generation of ladies or young girls will also like to wear Anarkali dresses on different occasions and functions. Anarkali dresses are famous among those clothes that are selling at high peak in both countries as well as in overseas countries. These dresses have popularity and grace that can enhance anyone’s personality.


These dresses were also worn by women when Mughal Empire was in power. Anarkali dresses were mostly worn by those ladies who performed dance in front of Mughal Badshah. This dress is really so beautiful when you wear it with pajamas or churidaars. This dress was well known as origin of the Mughal times. For making these anarkali dresses, different varieties of fabrics are utilized in creating them. Mostly famous fashion designers and brands are also making these dresses with perfection and creativeness. I must say that these anarkali dresses are very much difficult to make because of their unique style, design and embroidery. Many varieties and range of fabrics are used for making these embellished dresses such as organza, crepe, chiffon, velvet, cotton and much more.


All the fabrics which are mentioned above in this article are used in creating these anarkali clothes. Moreover, the innovative embellishment gives these dresses more eye catching, stylish and beautiful look. The embroidery done on these dresses is also totally different from other embroidered dresses such as gold work embroidery, hardanger embroidery, candlewick embroidery, surface embroidery etc. Any lady can wear these anarkali dresses at different parties or weddings. By wearing this kind of dress, teenagers, young girls, and mature women will appear more stylish and beautiful. Even different color themes and patterns are used in creating these dresses. I must say that all fashion designers have to work very hard for making such beautifully embellished anarkali dresses because these dresses need a lot of concentration and perfection in creative art work. All ladies know well that embroidery can enhance any dress beauty.


These dresses are much appreciated by almost all girls and ladies who can easily wear them on different functions or events. Mostly designers and brands are still fond of these apparels because of their on-going popularity and fashion trend. In mostly informal events, these heavy embellished anarkali clothes are worn.


Paklinen is the only place from where any lady can get these latest and novel anarkali dresses that are designed by both Pakistani and Indian fashion designers. Our mind blowing and creative anarkali clothes can be combined along with salwars, pajamas and churidars. Ladies can wear these dresses at any special occasion or event like weddings, parties, birthdays etc. Buy anarkali dresses at affordable rates as we are providing our online services to UK, USA, Canada and entire Europe.